Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Will I have failed to keep this as a ritual but..

Last night was a new experience!
Had the luxury of painting with a crowd following along while we enjoyed the fresh underground hip hop mixed music!
I didn't finish the piece but here is the start and I'm excited to finish it.
Seems I work best under pressure because I haven't been able to get this far in one piece in the span of 3 hours at home. SO.... I'm gonna try setting up at my neighbors place to work. We'll see if more work turns up on here.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Wanting the timid look captured in the Kelpie. How foolish! The digital sketch ups have helped in accelerating the process of making a painting I feel, but it's to not helping with the feeling that I need to get some figure studies back under my belt.

So sorry if it looks like I'm staring at you. I'm not judging you. Just noticing the natural flaws that create the unique characteristics that we use to recognize one another. ;D

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lets talk business

The lull of business in this failing economy had me 1.. think of another slogan I could stamp on well... anything. (more later)

But what did I work on for the last 2 hours of the 6 hours I told myself I would be working? My coworkers boyfriend is a prime interior/exterior painter but its always dead this time of the year in general. So, were taking it as a time to put together a better marketing plan... by starting one. :S

Still finessing the minor details but he was initially weighing between a modern slap in your face look/ to the more illustrative approach. (Inspired by the drawings by my close friend Fran)
So I'll get a review tonight after dwindling it down to these two that he liked and go from there!

Monday, December 26, 2011

girl in the mirror leads to..

Lady in the water?

So with bouncing inspiration off my boyfriend, he's been sketching lots of water horses. Not to be mistaken I guess with sea horses. It got me to thinking about another type of horse like creature. The Irish Kelpie. Which can shapeshift to tempt unsuspecting men into its waters.

I have accumulated a number of large canvases and I want something that has a very ominous mood to it. Soo... as you saw the girl in the mirror (which is a ref. to the oz chronicles) I was thinking it would be fitting to have a large painting again of a female figure.

Yes the Kelpie, which does have other names its known by, are creatures known for luring unsuspecting men and children into its waters to devour them. Of course, what's more alluring then a woman covered in lake weed? My sister helped model for the perspective in our grandparents pool, which became a nice way to occupy the worlds most boring day (Dec 25th)

The digital sketch I ended up with before bed last night:

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Hey! I had a dream that I remembered! I normally don't and I have been meaning to just use it as another painter/color practice. Dreamed that I was white water rafting and made a rest stop under the cliff. Note* I didn't bother to put myself or fellow travelers into the sketch.
Check it out!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tell the monkey one thing and it will probably do the other

Color study to figure out how to make green walls at night still green. Sold? I should be working on concepts for an art show with my boyfriend but alas I can't walk away from a canvas. Maybe its because its about as tall and wide as I am and in a small small living space, but I've sat on this sketch for over a year now and this felt like the opportune time to flesh it out!

No more then a thumbnail to start. I always avoid colors until the very last minute because I just dread trying to force my eyes to see colors I dont know how to conceive in reality.

Actual painting pic coming soon! Or you can just check on twitter :!/Swiss_Sweiss

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I can't let go of this just yet

So the picture beside was meant for the MCAD art sale. Didn't get around to finishing it in time, but now that its made... I dont know if I can part with this one. A whale painting I did (just realized its not on here) and my other sea life work feels like a constant inspiration to do anything else. I requested more canvases for holiday this year. Crossing fingers I get some 5x6 ft canvases. Excited to work on that scale, just frustrated on where to store them :S

I also keep meaning to bring those suture scissors back to work >.>